Bronx Shotojuku Karate-Do


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We are Shotokan Karate

Gichin Funakoshi was born in Shuri,Okinawa in 1868. As a boy, he was trained by two famous masters,Yastune Azatu and Yasutune Itosu. Each trained him in a Okinawan martial art.  Yasutsune Azato taught him Naha-te, and Yasutsune Itosu taught him Shuri-te which is now known as shotokan karate.

Master Tomosaburo Okano was born in 1922 and was a direct student of Master Gichin Funakoshi and his third son, Gigo Funakoshi. He was a member of Master Funakoshi's karate association the Da Nihon Karate-Do Shotokai. He was also a founder and chief instructor of Kenkojuko Shotokan Federation between 1922-2003. 

Master Toyotaro Miyazaki was born September 25, 1944 in Tokyo, Japan. He began his karate training at the age of 15 under Master Tomasaburo Okano at the Kenkojuku Dojo. He trained in Kenkojuku Karate (Shotokan Style) in Japan until his mid twenties before coming to the United States. He is the founder of International Shotokai Karate-Do Federation. 

Shihan Kai Leung, Master Instructor of the Shotojuku, is a co-founding member of the International Shotokai Karate-Do Federation. His dojo is the Federation Headquarters. Shihan started training in the martial arts in 1964.  He obtained his blackbelt in 1967 and began formally teaching in the early '70's.

Sensei Edwin Concepcion has been training in the martial arts since the age of 7.  He has obtained his blackbelt in four different styles.  His passion is in Shotokan Karate.  He is a direct student of Shihan Kai Leung and continues to train under his direct guidance.  Sensei Concepcion is a licensed referee and a member of the blackbelt council.  His dedication in the arts is evident in the teaching he provides to his students in his school at Bronx Shotojuku.